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Talkatext entries within Auto SOAP recordings

Ability to dictate an "insert" command (talkatext command while recording an auto soap note, and have it place the insert command in a specific area of the note.
Oleksii Furman 1 day ago in Desktop 1

fix rich text in cornerstone

make bullet lists and numbered lists recognize in Cornerstone
Guest 1 day ago in Web App 0

Direct dictation on Ipad into any field

Dictate with Talkatoo into any field on the iPad
Guest 1 day ago in Mobile 0

Multiple templates to save and choose from

have multiple instances of the template customization
Guest 1 day ago in Web App 0

Consider text transcript in desktop app

Consider having the transcript available in the app so the online portal is optional and it can all be done on the phone
Guest 2 days ago in Mobile 0

Sub headings for Plan section of Auto-SOAP template

Example Plan:*Preventive Care:*- Administered Leptospirosis and Bordetella vaccine- Rx: ProHeart 12 for heartworm prevention- Rx: Bravecto for flea and tick prevention for 1 year *Diagnostics: *- Senior wellness blood work panel including fecal, h...
Guest 4 days ago in Web App 0

Change the verbiage of 'waiting to process your transcript'

It misleads customers to think that THEY have to wait for it to process instead of hitting submit
Oleksii Furman 30 days ago in Mobile 1 In progress

Customize SOAP template - default value

It would be a great idea to have more space to add more text in the default value of a customizable SOAP.
Cristian T. 7 days ago in Web App 1

Create a Desktop App for iPads and Tablets

Please make a desktop application for those of us who use our iPads and tablets as computers when we go into their rooms. It’s OK to have it as a microphone/recording device, but it would be really really nice to have dictation as our cloud-based ...
Michele Stech 8 days ago in Desktop 0

Add diagnostics into customizable SOAP

Change auto-SOAP template so there is a section to record diagnostics results. The easiest way currently (it seems to me) would be to add a new tab headed as DIAGNOSTIC RESULTS into the new customizable SOAP section, in the Objective section. (ie....
Guest 22 days ago in Mobile 0