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Verbal command for time/date stamps for all apps

No description provided
Guest about 4 hours ago in  0

Bullet points on Auto-Records Body systems

No description provided
Guest about 4 hours ago in Web App 0

Attach photos to Auto Records

The ability to take a picture on the phone and attach it to the notes.
Guest 3 days ago in Mobile 1

Not have a space before or after ( ) or ;

No description provided
Sam Dicker 14 days ago in  0 In progress

Verbal backspace command

Delete words or characters using a verbal command
Guest 26 days ago in Desktop 0 Will not implement

Accessibilty start recording Auto-Records on Apple Watch

No description provided
Guest 16 days ago in Mobile 0

Auto-Records customization

Upload your own template for the AI to populate Bold the font of the abnormalities so its easy to see what data uploaded into your template
Danny Strood 3 months ago in Mobile / Web App 1

Use the volume button toggle on/off microphone in mobile app

You can hold the phone so you talk into the microphone input, and avoids awkwardly handling the phone to toggle the microphone on/off
Mats Koelemij 21 days ago in Mobile 0

Tab through Auto-Record headings

The ability to tab through headings for auto note results to make editing easy
Danny Strood about 1 month ago in Web App 0

Redesign the mobile recording button

I'm not sure if the developers have a way to make it so we have to manually hit a button (like the red button when you hang up a phone call) to make it stop in case we accidentally touch the mobile mic or settings buttons as they're at the very ed...
Bianca Moretto 5 months ago in Mobile 0 In progress