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Auto-Records customization

☐ Remove/Add headings ☐ Upload your own template for the AI to populate ☐ Bold the font of the abnormalities so its easy to see what data uploaded into your template ☐ Changing conciseness of each section, like using bullet points
Danny Strood 5 months ago in Mobile / Web App 1

Increase Upload Speed of Auto Records

Long wait times for uploads
Guest about 1 month ago in Mobile 0 In progress

Ezvet integration for auto SOAP records

populate the vitals and physical exam sections easily. Right now you'd have to copy and paste each line item. Recalling these entries in other places in Ezvet requires the fields to be filled out correctly.
Guest about 1 month ago in Web App 0 In progress

Not have a space before or after ( ) or ;

No description provided
Sam Dicker 2 months ago in Desktop 0 In progress

Speak abnormalities without affecting the normal statement

I like my custom normal statements, sometimes theres a small finding that doesn't negate the normal statement I wish there was a way to talk about the finding without it effecting my normal statement that is still true
Guest about 1 month ago in Web App 1

Accessibilty start recording Auto-Records on Apple Watch

No description provided
Guest 2 months ago in Mobile 0

Rich Text in Talkatext

Bulleted lists
Jamie Phippen 8 months ago in Desktop 0

Ability to print TaDa output

This will eliminate the additional steps of using an external text editor in scenarios where users need to print out TaDa output.
Guest 2 days ago in Desktop 0

Automated dental charting

Would love to see automated dental chart generation. You could record details about every tooth during a dental procedure and a full dental chart with image annotations is created. In general, Talkatoo could expand a lot on utility of the app beyo...
Joseph Mastroianni 29 days ago in Web App 0


Ability to enter in a replacement word for a word that is picked up in talktext dictation, somewhat similar to the library for words but instead of choosing the correct spelling, it shortens it to the predetermined abbreviation (eg "as needed" to ...
Guest about 1 month ago in Desktop / Web App 0