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Increase Upload Speed of Auto Records

Long wait times for uploads
Guest about 1 month ago in Mobile 0 In progress

Auto-Records customization

☐ Remove/Add headings ☐ Upload your own template for the AI to populate ☐ Bold the font of the abnormalities so its easy to see what data uploaded into your template ☐ Changing conciseness of each section, like using bullet points
Danny Strood 5 months ago in Mobile / Web App 1

Accessibilty start recording Auto-Records on Apple Watch

No description provided
Guest 2 months ago in Mobile 0

Return to being able to add to the note while also seeing what has already been transcribed.

When rerecording talk-to-text-to-transcription to change the order of a section of notes or add a forgotten bit of information in the middle of already recorded text, being able to see what has been transcribed makes the process much easier.
Guest about 1 month ago in Mobile 0 In progress

move the "add to this note" button farther away from the "submit" button

The 2 buttons are close enough together to accidentally submit a note when meaning to add to it
Guest about 1 month ago in Mobile 0 In progress

Save Draft Notes Across Devices

Collaborate on notes by starting and finishing recording on various devices when logged into the same account
Danny Strood about 1 month ago in Mobile 0 In progress

Scribe permissions

Ability to add permissions to a user to see other user's notes without having to contact support
Guest about 2 months ago in Mobile / Web App 0 In progress

Attach photos to Auto Records

The ability to take a picture on the phone and attach it to the notes.
Guest about 2 months ago in Mobile 1

Use the volume button toggle on/off microphone in mobile app

You can hold the phone so you talk into the microphone input, and avoids awkwardly handling the phone to toggle the microphone on/off
Mats Koelemij 2 months ago in Mobile 0