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Share Talkatext with other users on account

Practices can create their macros once and push them out to all users on their account.
Guest 4 days ago in Desktop 0 In progress

Increase Upload Speed of Auto Records

Long wait times for uploads
Guest about 1 month ago in Mobile 0 In progress

Ezvet integration for auto SOAP records

populate the vitals and physical exam sections easily. Right now you'd have to copy and paste each line item. Recalling these entries in other places in Ezvet requires the fields to be filled out correctly.
Guest about 1 month ago in Web App 0 In progress

Default normal values for vitals

Add a written statement for each section like the there is available for body systems, to be replaced by a voice input during recorded or populated if there is no input given
Guest 10 days ago in Web App 0 In progress

Not have a space before or after ( ) or ;

No description provided
Sam Dicker 2 months ago in Desktop 0 In progress

Formatting in web portal - Toggle switch

The Assessment section is written as a novel, because its describing a problem list I would prefer to not have to copy into tada to reformat it how i want it. I would like if there was a toggle on this section of the portal capable of converting t...
Guest about 1 month ago in Web App 0 In progress

Return to being able to add to the note while also seeing what has already been transcribed.

When rerecording talk-to-text-to-transcription to change the order of a section of notes or add a forgotten bit of information in the middle of already recorded text, being able to see what has been transcribed makes the process much easier.
Guest about 1 month ago in Mobile 0 In progress

move the "add to this note" button farther away from the "submit" button

The 2 buttons are close enough together to accidentally submit a note when meaning to add to it
Guest about 1 month ago in Mobile 0 In progress

Save Draft Notes Across Devices

Collaborate on notes by starting and finishing recording on various devices when logged into the same account
Danny Strood about 1 month ago in Mobile 0 In progress

Scribe permissions

Ability to add permissions to a user to see other user's notes without having to contact support
Guest about 2 months ago in Mobile / Web App 0 In progress