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Desktop Auto SOAP recording

Record whole appointments using the desktop app to auto format into a soap with body system
Guest 22 days ago in Desktop 0 In progress

Not have a space before or after ( ) or ;

No description provided
Sam Dicker 3 months ago in Desktop 0 In progress

Rich text/option to bold Tada results

Configure how Tada displays results, (if they're bold, bullet points, etc.)
Guest about 1 month ago in Desktop 0 In progress

Simple sign on

Use the Talkatoo mobile app to sign into the desktop version with your account, no need for email or password
Jamie Phippen 10 months ago in Desktop / Mobile 0

Rich Text in Talkatext

Bulleted lists
Jamie Phippen 9 months ago in Desktop 0

Drag and drop files into Tada

Ability to drop text files or PDF's into Tada for it to anyalize and create content from
Guest 19 days ago in Desktop 0

Automatically generate a client communication for each visit

Don't have to ask TaDa, I'd like to have this done along with the SOAP so I can just grab it
Guest about 1 month ago in Desktop 0 In progress

Any phrasing of normal (good, excellent, perfect, etc.) should populate objective section with the normal text in settings.

No description provided
Khirsta Jensen about 1 month ago in Desktop 2

Ability to print TaDa output

This will eliminate the additional steps of using an external text editor in scenarios where users need to print out TaDa output.
Guest about 1 month ago in Desktop 0


Ability to enter in a replacement word for a word that is picked up in talktext dictation, somewhat similar to the library for words but instead of choosing the correct spelling, it shortens it to the predetermined abbreviation (eg "as needed" to ...
Guest 2 months ago in Desktop / Web App 0