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Insert a Talkatext entry, within a TaDa/Talkatext template entry

No description provided
Guest 44 minutes ago in Desktop 0

I would like to see my old requests to TaDa once i close

No description provided
Guest 7 days ago in Desktop 0

Add Talkatext list sorting options

Currently, the created commands are ordered by creation date, users want to be able to alphabetize or reorder by choice
Guest 8 days ago in Desktop 0

Change color of headings in Auto-SOAP

Further to bolding, they'd like to be able to change the color of the headings in Auto-SOAP.
Guest 16 days ago in Desktop 0

remove asterisks in tada

When this happens it requires a second step. Can we make these useful or provide an option to disable these from appearing
Kiersten Hackett 19 days ago in Desktop 0 In progress

Drag and drop files into Tada

Ability to drop text files or PDF's into Tada for it to anyalize and create content from
Guest 19 days ago in Desktop 0

Desktop Auto SOAP recording

Record whole appointments using the desktop app to auto format into a soap with body system
Guest 22 days ago in Desktop 0 In progress

Rich text/option to bold Tada results

Configure how Tada displays results, (if they're bold, bullet points, etc.)
Guest about 1 month ago in Desktop 0 In progress

Automatically generate a client communication for each visit

Don't have to ask TaDa, I'd like to have this done along with the SOAP so I can just grab it
Guest about 1 month ago in Desktop 0 In progress

Any phrasing of normal (good, excellent, perfect, etc.) should populate objective section with the normal text in settings.

No description provided
Khirsta Jensen about 1 month ago in Desktop 2